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Mission Leadership Council

Every six weeks, the leaders of the mission gather together to counsel about the relevant matters of the day.
Our topics yesterday included:
– Study Your Language (SYL) – daily!
– Teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
– Drawing on the Powers of Heaven
– Being united, knit together as one
– Dealing with constant Change
– Hot Chocolate and Sifting – see Luke 22:31-32
– To the Rescue – Ministering to the one.
– Christlike attributes
– Team work
– Communication Skills
– Social Media and Content Updates…
These are very special days, never to be forgotten.
As missionaries come and go in the mission, gaining an understanding of leadership and counselling together, is such an important part of their growth and development.
Oh – and we also like to have a little bit of fun too!
The pictures capture just one of our lively learning activities of the day!


Yesterday, we met in our six-weekly Mission Leadership Council (MLC).
It’s a time when members of the Mission Presidency, the Assistants, Zone Leaders, Sister Trainer Leaders, Social Media Leaders and Service Leaders come together to counsel with one another.
The result, a very busy mission home!
After we welcomed a few new members of the MLC, we dived straight into the business of the day and began by asking a few questions for consideration.

To council

From the outset we encouraged free expression.
We counselled together as a group about many aspects of our work.
Then we counselled together in pairs.
We listened.
We listened a lot.
Sometimes, we were silent too, so we could listen.
We reflected upon many of our successes and removed assumptions that were limiting our thinking, so we could do better.
We then counselled on some of the challenges and obstacles that are in our way as a mission.
We ate together, laughed together, and received further instruction together.
And we considered the four P’s of Leadership – Purpose, Proactivity, Passion and Persistence.
Missions are very dynamic, as missionaries come and go every six weeks.
I have learned that patience is needed as we practice this council system over and over again!

What is empowerment?

𝐄𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭: authority or power given to someone to do something.
All of our activities and counselling yesterday were about empowering each member of the MLC to step up and lead by example.
There was encouragement to:
• Learn and embrace change.
• Push through obstacles and barriers.
• How they can be more productive.
• Step up and go above and beyond.
• Govern themselves, through autonomous decision making.
• Be closer to and more aligned with their purpose.
Being with these leaders yesterday reminded me that they are amongst some of the greatest young people on the earth today.
It is an honour and a joy to work with them every day.
How can you empower others to lead?

Let’s huddle!

𝐈𝐬 𝐢𝐭 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐡𝐮𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐲𝐞𝐭?
Before every basketball game at High School, I recall our team would huddle together on the court, share some motivational words together, plan some tactics, culminating in a united shout of “let’s go!”
Years later, whilst studying at University, I worked part time at the local Asda superstore, and as soon as you started the morning shift, it was time to stand together for 15 minutes for our daily huddle.
Now, in the mission field, they are still part of my routine with a virtual weekly online huddle.
Huddles are all about gathering people together, sharing key information and aligning everyone for the game, the day, or the week ahead by considering what we want to achieve.
The goal of any huddle is always short term.
Any information shared is about making everyone more successful and productive, by focussing on any accomplishments, identifying top priorities, and sharing updates.
There is usually some feedback provided too.
And it is always important to leave time for questions and to ask for input from all participants.
Huddles are quick, they improve communication, people feel more connected and very quickly everyone understands what is expected of them.
It keeps everyone in the loop, while understanding what everyone else is doing too.
My experience of successful huddles suggests that they need to be short, regular, upbeat, engaging and remember to have a bit of fun too!
Have you huddled recently?

Traditional Feasts

Yesterday, one of my daughters and I were the Chef’s for Christmas Day Dinner, turkey with all the trimmings.

We started early afternoon with oodles of enthusiasm by placing the turkey in the oven, peeling potatoes, preparing the other vegetables, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing, gravy, bread sauce, Yorkshire puddings – it was our annual feast!

Time passed – we both noticed how we quickly began to tire. Our initial vigour started to wane. Giving each other a little pep talk until we once again found our stride.

My other daughter set the table and before we knew it, all 8 of us were sat down tucking into our delicious meal together. It was a feast alright. In fact, afterwards we felt so full that we both collapsed on the sofa for a wee nap to recover – we were exhausted!

As I reflected upon the experience I recognised there was a lot of learning going on!

Preparation – we needed lots of that

Planning – getting things done in the right order

Enthusiasm – was key to getting the job done

Teamwork – working together made it easier and fun

Precision – Ensuring that each step produced the right result

After years of going solo as the Christmas Chef – what a delight it was to start a new fun tradition with my daughter.

Have you any new traditions?

Shared Repertoire

“Would you like a pair of slippers Daryl?” “Yes please” I replied.  “I packed my own” said Philip, as we each spontaneously burst into a fit of laughter.  Our new common practice as Extra Dependent Team (EDT) coaches, meant that our shared repertoire now required the wearing of a pair of slippers.  Much better even, if they were your own and transported from a far-flung part of Europe!

“Shared Repertoire” – its not a simple phrase that just rolls off the tongue – that’s for sure.  But knuckling down under the watchful eye of our master coach Dave and working through some simple steps together, we came to understand the power of this new-fangled term.

As a new team member, sometimes it’s a little difficult to fit in.  My fellow coaches had already been working together for a while, I was the newbie.

We started to explore what we each consistently do across the team.  Picking up our markers, the flipchart was quickly filled as we recorded our competencies, processes, jargon, tools, equipment, along with our stories of success and failure.  Dave had a new term for all of that too. And then it happened.  We recognised that we were much, much stronger together, we were in sync, in one powerful moment, it felt safe with each other. I felt at home.

What does your team have, that others don’t? How do you sync with one another?