Great leadership behaviours…

It’s in times of crisis when leadership matters most.

The strength of any organisation, or the strength of any nation does not lie in its buildings, its headquarters, its brands, its institutions, it universities or schools – these are all means to an end.

The strength of a family, an organisation or a nation lies in the hearts and minds of the people, individuals – one by one. When an individual knows who they are, knows of their potential, their personal worth and what they can become – then great things can happen.

Character counts. It is everything.

In my experience the greatest leaders – exemplify all of these behaviours: Kindness, Patience, Meekness, Humility, Honesty, Forgiving, Commitment, Respectful, Selfless, Obedience, Self-discipline.

They are the very roots of civility, homes and organisations. There is something reassuring about standing for something and knowing what we stand for.

Those who commit to and pattern their lives on these behaviours, will always flourish.

They may sound old fashioned, to some, even namby pamby, but quite the opposite is true – these are virtues of courage and authority. Practicing them individually and collectively will be a powerful antidote to a multitude of ills & societal problems.

What do you stand for?