What can I give today?

That thought alone – has helped me to endure the challenges of recent weeks. How often have you intended to help, but something else has come along and you’ve left others to help instead?

Right now we are surrounded by so many in need of our attention, our help, our encouragement, our support, our comfort, our sympathy, our understanding and our kindness. Kindness is what charity is and being kind is what we do when we have charity and compassion. The charity that we render unto others will surely define each of us and the organisations that we work for. Indeed l know that charity never faileth.

In times past when the busyness of the world blinkered our view of reality, perhaps we didn’t see? But now that we have been forced to stop and step back – take a look around, what do you see? In the grand schemes of things, perhaps you have been focused on things that don’t really matter at all?

What can you do to help someone in need today?