Lessons from Flights

“What time is your flight Daryl” “4.50pm” I replied. We agree the 3.37pm train to Zurich airport will allow me to make my flight to London in good time. “It is a small airport after all.”

Arriving at the airport just before 4pm, I found the departures board – Gate E56. Up the first of many escalators, long concourses, then the first delay – passport control. What is it with these digital machines, especially when time isn’t on your side? 4.10pm

Next, security. Quickly scanning for the fastest moving line, I joined the (slowest) queue (ever), delay 2. Eventually, I filled the trays, walked through the scanner, “BEEP!” – Shoes off, body frisk, repack bags, check the boards, plane boarding – aagh! 4.23pm

Next, another 2 escalators and an unexpected tram to Gate E. Delay 3. Tram is 1 min 57 secs away and counting. Then the 1 minute to load up and another 3 minutes to Gate E. By this time my anxiety is rising, “I can’t miss this plane!” 4.32pm

Like a shot I sprint up another 2 escalators and into an empty concourse 100 metres away, Gate 56 is closing. Last to board, I make it by the skin of my teeth and collapse in my chair – phew! 4.35pm

Sound familiar? Life lessons learned (again)?

– Use probing questions

– Leave early

– Always expect delays

– Smile

– Laugh!