Let the E-Go

Is your ego getting in the way of your personal progress and happiness?

Ego defined – your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability. For example “That man has such an enormous ego – I’ve never known anyone so full of themselves!” or “I’m glad she got the job – she needed something to boost/bolster her ego (= give her confidence).”

There may be some tell-tale signs that your ego is out of control. For example, do you complain frequently? Do you need to find fault with things both big and small? Is it right to drop the E and just let it GO? If you want to over come your ego, perhaps a little introspection will help by considering letting go of a few things.

– Let go of needing to win and be right all of the time

– Let go of controlling everything

– Let go of choosing to be offended at every little thing

– Let go of the need to always be superior

– Let go of identifying yourself by your reputation and titles

An unchecked or an inflated ego can warp our perspective of things and twist our values. Instead of letting your ego trip you up, be true to yourself, live humbly, honestly and express gratitude. It requires selflessness, frequent reflection, and courage to change.

Remember – Ego trip, a journey to nowhere.