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From Dark to Light

Are you fumbling around in the darkness?
The storms of life, dark, difficult moments, trials, tribulations, sickness, loneliness, resentment, fears can overwhelm us and we may fall into despair.
Arising early this morning, it was dark, very dark.
Autumn is here.
The thick early morning darkness of the season is upon us.
Carefully in the darkness, I cautiously moved forward into the vast darkness of the bedroom. As I placed one foot in front of the other, I became acutely aware of my tiny steps, wary of any obstacles in the way.
Moving forward apprehensively, I slowly, gingerly stretched out my arms, feeling, touching, sensing in the denseness of that dark moment, in which direction to move onward, towards my objective.
My pace was deliberate and measured.
After a few seconds, my goal was achieved.
Clutching my dressing gown and slippers, I turned around and once more faced another dark period of retracing some of my steps and out of the bedroom, into the hallway, down a flight of stairs and finally arriving in the living room.

Turn the Light On

I then chose to turn the darkness off, by turning the light on.
Figuratively, many of us may be in a similar space, right now, right at this moment in time.
Searching, seeking, inquiring, exploring for a new direction and answers, yet feel surrounded by gloomy darkness, filling our thoughts and actions.
This is a time for faith, not for fear.
Throughout life, I have learned that when the night is dark, when thick gloominess surrounds us, each of us have an opportunity to move forward by exercising our faith in Jesus Christ.
He is the light.
He is the light of the world.
Little by little, step by step by putting our hand in the Lord’s hand and relying upon Him, will help each of us through, even the darkest of nights.
Doing so will strengthen our faith and answers will come.
Choose to turn the darkness off.
Please choose to turn His light on.


I celebrated my birthday in lockdown yesterday.  One of my daughters posted this picture of me on my Facebook page, which she’d obviously kept hidden from me for a while! 😊

It’s from a few months ago, atop one of my favourite visitor attractions, the Wallace Monument in Stirling, Scotland.

As I recall, it was a relatively clear day. There was however a gale force wind howling all around the top of the Monument, blowing visitors in every direction.  As I looked at the photo, it occurred  to me – the wind was so strong that just to stand still and in order to stand straight, I had to lean into the wind.

Figuratively speaking, there are some mighty strong winds, whirlwinds even, howling all around us at this very moment in time.

I sense too that many may feel that they are being tossed to and fro in this perilous storm of global turmoil.

My invitation today is a simple one, consider what you need to do to stand tall – lean into the wind and figure out what you need to do in the current storm.

Step by step, little by little, you can and will get through this.

Like all real storms, the winds will eventually pass.