“What do you mean by reframing?”…asked the missionary.
In response I said, “Well, what I mean by reframing, is that you see a current situation from a different perspective.”
Essentially, reframing can help you see things differently, all of which can be really helpful in problem solving, decision making and learning.
Over many years in my coaching practice, I’d often use reframing to help someone become unstuck.
Similarly, I find it regularly in coaching interviews with missionaries too.
For example, a missionary may say, “I really doubt that I can do anything about this issue.”
In response, I know I’m likely to say something such as “So, what is one small step that you can take?”
I often find myself moving from the past to the future with missionaries too.
Oftentimes I’ve heard a comment like “I’ve never been good at speaking with people.”
If I hear that kind of comment, my response is something like “If you imagine yourself being successful in speaking with others, what would that look like and feel like?”
Changing the language you use is helpful.
For instance, a missionary may say “I am really struggling with my new companion, I don’t understand him, and we just don’t connect at all.”
Reframing that could look like this “Getting to know a new companion can take a lot of time and work. I have done it before successfully. It’s very rewarding and a great opportunity to learn something new about myself and others.”
Reframing is allowing yourself the opportunity to reinterpret a situation in a way, that is going to help you move through the challenge faced.
By reframing a threat to a challenge, can help us to feel courageous.
In summary, reframing an experience can give you access to more productive and positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
What is your favourite reframing tactic?