“Do you have time for a game President?”

This question has become a regular one whilst I’m in the office once a week.

This week was no exception.

I do enjoy a game of table tennis.

I think my very best days are well behind me now though.

As a teenager growing up in Scotland, many an evening was spent at the local community centre with school friends, fine tuning my table tennis skills.  Mum and dad were pretty good too.

I was always very competitive.  Although, I could never beat dad.

It wasn’t until I was 16 that I had a breakthrough and won a match against him.  Growing older, I’m not actually sure if I beat him, or he actually let me win, in order to encourage me further!

These days the goal is a simple one….. “To beat President!”

They have an extremely strong motive!

There are several good players amongst the missionary force at the moment.

Two of them are regularly in the office when I am in too, namely Leif Andersen and Atticus Snow.

Week in, week out – they ask me the question.

And week in, week out – I am still managing to hold my own and win – just!

Both are definitely improving.

Practice is an important way to improve skills.

It is repetition of skills during practice that enables you to learn from mistakes and become a much more confident player.

My practice time is extremely limited and won’t be changing anytime soon.

Their motivation is high, and their practice time is much higher than mine!

For the moment, I’m enjoying the victories whilst they last!

My conclusion – my days are numbered!

What is your motivation to succeed?