3.33 am this morning. My mind was alert, in full flow. “Go to sleep” I said to myself. But alas, it wasn’t to be.

So here I am. Life is so designed that we constantly feel time……

Time’s pressure can often blur our focus…… and frequently do!!

Yet, as a consumer of time, I’ve realised that my management of time, tells me a lot about the management of myself.

So……, I know it is impossible to do everything, and yet I try, and try and try again!! That’s just daft! Or is that just me?

I have really enjoyed the first 2 hours of my early morning rise. I have been productive, focused on what matters most, eliminated the trivial (again) and recognised what is truly important – the essential things – as opposed to everything else.

So, now that I have my life in order again, I’m off to see my mum, go for a walk with my wife and enjoy the day ahead! How about you, what are you up to?