What anchors you in the challenges of life?

A dictionary definition states that an anchor is “a person or thing that provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.”


Many years ago, I recall abseiling (rappelling) for the very first time in St. George, southern Utah, from a cliff, several hundred feet high. Approaching the edge of the precipice, I was filled not only with excitement, but a great deal of anxiety too. I had a range of equipment, ropes and carabiners, plus some expert guides on hand to ensure my safety – in essence, my anchors that day. Their goal was a safe, exhilarating experience – by overcoming a significant challenge. They employed techniques and equipment that was tried and proven, allaying the dangers of the situation. The next few moments were exhilarating and thrilling as I edged backwards over the cliff, descending to the canyon floor.


The challenges of life are all around us. In our topsy turvy commotion filled world, all that can be shaken is being shaken. Individuals, families and organisations need anchors too. Life has a way of testing our anchors or values causing us to drift from the safety and protection they provide.

What anchors me are those things I cherish and value most of all.  How about you?

Establish your values and choose to anchor yourself to them – by living and appreciating them daily. Therein lies safety, protection and peace of heart and mind.