It’s often really surprising what a considerable part very small moments play in our lives.  In the world of work, we’ll probably never remember an entire conference, but will most definitely remember the moment the CEO tripped up on the stage.

“We do not remember days; we remember moments” – Cesare Pavese

For instance, I’ll never forget the moment in this picture when Fawn and Fern aligned perfectly for a split second, just as I had my camera in hand.  Impeccable!

Life holds lots of surprises, doesn’t it?  Life too can be filled with lots of uncertainty, yet frequently surprises will pop up all along life’s path.  Who knows what will exactly happen tomorrow, or where you will be in a few years time, and what you will be doing?  Only a few weeks after this picture, sadly Fawn died with heart failure.  It was a difficult time for all of our family.

Sometimes, course changes in our lives come from unexpected challenges or disappointments. I have learned through experience that we only partially control the circumstances of our life.  Yet, there will be key moments for you that may change the course of your life in a flash.  Such a moment may consist of no more than a look or a simple conversation, an unplanned event perhaps or even an unexpected opportunity.  Moments of truth arrive perhaps when we are being tested, a tough decision has to be made or a crisis has to be faced.

As you reflect upon your own memorable moments, enjoy every one of them, in the grand scheme of things they are the only things we’ll have.  They are also called moments because they don’t last very long, but can stay with us forever.

“Sometimes the moments that challenge us most, will define who we really are……”

Amongst all your moments in life, good, bad, happy and sad, which ones do you recall that were perfectly aligned?