From Proverb’s in the Old Testament we read “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” It has taken me quite a while to understand what that statement really means.

When driving at 70 mph on the motorway, what does it feel like to drive when dense fog starts to settle in front of you? As the fog starts to thicken and you realise that you can only see a few metres in front of you, I know that my heart starts racing a little. I flick the fog lights on taking my foot off the accelerator at the same time.

When the fog is really thick, I’ll slow down to a crawl and take it very slow, so that I don’t run into someone ahead of me. Take that experience to its extreme. When fog is so dense that even moving forward very slowly is dangerous, there is also the fear that someone may rear end you, which can be very alarming.

As the fog starts to lift and you emerge from its grasp, you can see a few metres ahead, then 20, 30 and its gone. How do you feel then? Relief perhaps? You start to accelerate once more.

Think about what actually changed during those few minutes on the road. The only thing that really changed was your vision, your ability to see. With vision you saw the road clearly ahead. When there was no vision, you were as is states in Proverbs, in danger of perishing.

When you have no vision for your life, your family, your career or for what you want to accomplish, its a bit like being caught in the fog on the motorway.

How can you increase the vision in your own life?