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Turbulence is an unpleasant experience when flying. Such was the case at the weekend (10th March 2019) when flying back from Frankfurt. It was awful, one of the worst I’ve ever experienced.

I was sat in seat 25A, no-one in B, but there was a passenger in C, who turned to me and asked my name. I said, “I’m Daryl”. I looked at her, she was ashen white, and not in a good place. She said “Please speak to me”. I leaned over, clasping her hand in order to try to comfort and reassure her. We took a deep breath and started to talk. I asked her name, she was anxious and shaky. I spoke as reassuringly as I could whilst the plane continued to bounce up and down. Our conversation continued until gradually the turbulence subsided. Holding on, clasping hands, brought security.  We found much in common together, as we spoke for the remainder of the flight home.

Life is much like flying in an aeroplane. There is turbulence more often than not, but just like the aeroplane, we are built to handle the turbulence in life. Sometimes it can be a bit alarming and unnerving (like Sunday), however we all have times when we need to hope and cling on to someone else for something better. Together we remained focused on our conversation to get us through the difficulty of the moment.

When turbulence comes how do you distract yourself, what do you focus on?  What are you holding on to – that will enable you to get through the current storm?