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Letters – Heaven Sent

I’d like to share a short story about a treasured possession.
Days after being called as a young Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, my nana (dad’s mum) passed away. In jest years earlier she’d said that I should speak at her funeral service and now it had become a reality.
As the appointed time for the funeral service quickly approached, my thoughts on what to share hadn’t settled at all. I’d sought guidance and inspiration in prayer, but alas despite lots of nice stories and anecdotes, nothing really settled in my mind.
Then it happened.
Early, on the morning of the actual service, a very clear, strong impression penetrated my thoughts to look in my parents loft. Why the loft I thought? As I made my way to my parents home and climbed into the loft, it then became clear. I recalled that as a young missionary, nana had regularly sent me letters.
As I entered the loft, my three folders filled with hundreds of letters came to my attention. I was immediately drawn to one of the folders. On opening the folder, the very top letter was from my nana. It was as if it had been placed there for me to find.

Nana’s words

As I read through her words, there was the precise message that I was to give on her behalf that day. You see, in that letter she shared her feelings specifically about the Saviour Jesus Christ. Let me quote just this one part… “I always feel so very sorry for those who do not believe, they miss so very much, and in this world He is the only one we can hold on to…… I still love my Lord and know He is always with me, He is everything… may He bless and keep you safe until I see you again.” From the other side of the veil, it was if nana was making explicitly clear, that she wanted everyone to know how she felt about her Saviour Jesus Christ.
And so, I shared the letter with those in attendance that day.
I treasure her letter and keep it safe in my scriptures, as a constant reminder not only of nana’s love for Jesus Christ, but also that when we call upon our Heavenly Father in times of need, He always listens and answers too.
I know that you too can #HearHim, if you simply accept His invitation that he shared on so many occasions to “come follow me”