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Looking at Christmas fairy lights this week, reminded me of a tangled story!
Life happens…
It was our first coaching session together.
In fact, it was my client Annie’s (changed her name to protect her identity) first ever coaching session.
We started off with our introductions and pleasantries and then got into the coaching session to address a number of personal and work concerns.
The session went very well.
I did a lot of listening, observing, paraphrasing, summarising and as usual asked a few questions.
Annie found some answers for herself as she dealt with a number of different issues.
I was starting to draw the session to a close…
…And then it happened!
She reached forward, gesturing her wrists together and said, “Can you help please?”
Puzzled, I looked closely at her wrists.
Seemingly, midway through our session, Annie had somehow entangled her bracelets together and she’d been stuck for a good while!
I untangled her wrists.
We laughed and joked together.
It was so funny.
That one moment created a unique bond and memory for the two of us, that neither of us will ever forget.
My experience of coaching is that it can help untangle life’s challenges – sometimes quite literally!
Are you ready to be untangled yet?