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Everyday Items

As we began our Social Media Leadership Council (SMLC) yesterday, we did a fun learning activity to start our session.

In keeping with a message, I heard yesterday from my friends at the We Believe App, “How can you see more of the Saviour in the world around you today?” – we engaged in our activity together.

I invited everyone in the meeting to wander around the mission office for a couple of minutes, select a random article and return.


Each of them duly returned with their objects in hand as follows:

A Lint Remover (Defuzzer)
An empty metal container
A wheel of fortune
A can of Mexican beans
An umbrella
A bright floral lei
A magnifying glass
A plastic toy gun
A statue

I gave them a couple of minutes to think about how they could see things from a different perspective and use the object to teach a gospel principle – admittedly some objects were easier than others!


What followed were some amazing object lessons on principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here are a few examples I can remember from memory.

A lint remover is like the atonement of Jesus Christ by removing spots and blemishes from our lives.

In order to benefit from the nourishment in the can of beans, we need to open it up, just like we need to open up the scriptures to benefit from the spiritual nutrition found therein.

A magnifying glass – God magnifies all of our efforts as we focus on Him.

An umbrella can protect us on rainy days, just like the holy ghost who protects us from many things.

The wheel of fortune – sometimes we don’t know what will happen next, we have a limited view, but as we move forward with small steps, trusting in God, things are better.

And so it went on…

Let everyday items bring to mind the wonderful promises of Jesus Christ.

Take time today to notice Him in the small moments of life, which you may not have seen before.

His creations are all around us and everything can be connected to Him.

How do you find Jesus Christ in the everyday things that you do?