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Four months ago today, the UK went into lockdown – everything changed. No more travel for me. No more flights, trains, taxi’s or hotels.

I have spent 125 nights in my own bed! My sleeping patterns have never been better! But, with the new ways of working, new tests arise. Yesterday, whilst facilitating a virtual workshop on remote working, we discussed the many challenges it brings.

Video call after video call sounds like fun, but those of us now in that daily routine, are finding it pretty tough. Popping paracetamol and ibuprofen a few times a day to combat headaches, muscle pain in your shoulders, neck and back is becoming the new normal for many. In our session we talked about the tension, fatigue and exhaustion that comes at the end of the day from the high intensity of virtual interactions.

As we got into our top tips, brainstorming ideas, work patterns, moving around, setting boundaries, hydrating etc – it struck me that something happened this week that really helped me. A massage! And the salons are back open this week too!

Luckily my sister is a massage therapist. As she worked her magic on my neck, shoulders and back it relieved so much tightness and stress. I’m booked in again next week!

Go on – give it a go – you know you want to!