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Remember the story of the three little pigs…
These three little pigs, representing us, went off to seek their fortunes in the world.
Like us, they had different aspirations and different outlooks on life.
The first little pig built a house of straw.
And the second built a house of sticks.
The third, built a house of bricks.
It wasn’t long, before their natural enemy the wolf came along.

Huffs and Puffs

With some huffs and puffs, shortly thereafter the wolf blew down the houses of straw and sticks and ate up the little pigs who lived there.
The little pig who’d built his house of bricks however, had a much different experience.
He was saved by a stronger set of guiding principles.


This story is patterned after a similar one told by Jesus Christ, between a foolish man who built his house upon the sand and the wise man who build his house upon the rock.
As long as good weather holds, the houses built on sand may be just as good as those built on the rock.
But the huffs and puffs of weather patterns come along frequently.
Jesus dedicated his life to encourage all of us to build our lives on strong, solid, enduring, permanent foundations that would weather the harshest, most perilous and turbulent of storms.
His building code was and is a divine one, designed to strengthen and protect us from the most difficult whirlwinds and perils of life.

The Bricks

When challenges in life come, and they will, it is through the guiding principles (the bricks) of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that safety is found.
“A principle is an enduring truth, a law, a rule you can adopt to guide you in making decisions.” – Boyd K. Packer.
Some strong principles (bricks) that are helpful…
– There is great power, and safety found in the word of God, through daily scripture study.
– Daily supplication in prayer morning and night and learning to listen for answers.
– Listen to and follow living Prophets for guidance, they keep us safe.
– Follow the Doctrine of Christ – see 2 Nephi chapter 31.
When the rains and storms come, the best place to build is with good bricks on a solid foundation and have your roof in place.
If you need help with a few bricks for your foundation and roof, then speak with a missionary today.