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Is your life in order?

Our lives are typically often hectic and filled with stress. There seems to be so many demands placed upon our time, that those things that matter most, are frequently sacrificed for those things that matter least. Can you relate to that?

For example, my office space had become so over run with stuff and clutter all around, it took me an age to find and locate key materials. It was a mess. Figuratively speaking, in some ways, my office space had become a metaphor for some aspects of my life.

Subsequently, several weeks ago at the start of lockdown, I made a firm commitment to change. I put some time, attention and energy into my office space. I have literally thrown out 1000’s of pieces of paper, lots of useless stuff and junk galore! I’ve been challenging my hoarder psyche… and it has been so liberating!

This one simple act, has helped me to refocus again on those things that matter most of all in life, its quite simple really – purpose, family, service and work!

What can you do today to declutter and put your life back in order?