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Missionary Couples

Many years ago, “President Spencer W. Kimball encouraged those who had reared their families to sell their camper vans, leave their grandchildren behind, and, for a year or two, give their lives to the service of the Saviour Jesus Christ in the mission field.” – Douglas J. Martin.
Last night we had two of our seven missionary couples at the mission home for dinner and to share our stories of service with one another.
It was the perfect combination.
A match made in heaven perhaps!
Tom and Cynthia Black, along with Dave and Shauna White.
Yes, the Blacks and the Whites!
Whenever we meet and talk with missionary couples, we are filled with love and respect for their humility and desire to serve.
Missionary couples are not expected to work at the same pace or follow the schedule of the younger missionaries.
All of our couples who serve in the Belgium Netherlands Mission are rich in Church experience and anxious to serve in a spirit of high adventure and sacrifice.
We simply love them!
Just like us, all of our couples are finding new purpose and fulfilment in their lives, and they are some of the very happiest people I know.

Service opportunities

They all serve in different capacities.
For instance, we have three couples serving in the office to look after all of the day to day needs of the missionaries; Douglas and Marcia Glauser, Gerrit and Norma VandeWal, as well as Jeff and Cathy Wagner. Their responsibilities include; Visa’s, Residency Permits, Housing, Finance, Vehicles, Bicycles, Mail, Technology, etc.
Stephen and Elizabeth Edmunds serve in Communication and Government Relations at the European Parliament.
Paul and Catherine Ehlert who serve in Leeuwarden, are assigned to Member Leader support and service in the community.
Tom and Cynthia Black serve at the National Archives in Den Haag in an exciting digitization project.
Whilst Dave and Shauna White serve the Rising Generation of youth and young single adults throughout Belgium and the Netherlands.

Sitting Around?

L. Tom Perry said “Now, to all you great couples who are hearing my voice today, I want you to listen especially to these words. Life has been hard. I know that. You have worked diligently for the security you now enjoy. You have struggled, reared a family, and saved something to have and to enjoy during this golden period of your life. But just sitting around will not give you what you really desire. Climax these golden years with the soul-satisfying experience of full-time gospel service. I hear you stand and bear your testimonies, acknowledging your love for your companion and for the gospel. If that is really true, you will be like Andrew or Alma — not content until you have shared the fulfilment you have found in the gospel of Jesus Christ in missionary service.”
Are you looking for a new adventure?
Is it time to sell your camper van?