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Letters to President

Are you excited when you receive a letter?
Every week, I receive letters from many of the missionaries serving throughout Belgium and the Netherlands.
In my time as a young missionary 40 years ago, serving in London, they arrived by post. Now, they arrive by email every P-Day (Preparation Day) – a Tuesday.
I am always excited to read their letters and hear about all that is going on in the mission field.
They share personal stories, challenges, spiritual insights and respond to several questions such as the following:


• Please share a few successes and/or challenges from your efforts to fulfil your missionary purpose this past week.
• During the past week, did you feel joy and satisfaction in your work?
• How united did you feel with your companion(s) this past week?
• What is one area you can focus on this coming week to more closely follow the principles in Missionary Standards for Disciples of Jesus Christ?
• Did you participate in any companion exchanges this past week?
• Are there any physical or emotional health, safety, or security challenges that you would like to share?
• Is there anything happening at home or with your family that you would like to share?
• Is there anything else you would like to share?
• During the past month, how have you seen the hand of the Lord in your work?


Yesterday, I spent most of my day, reading and responding to many letters.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time understanding all that is happening throughout the mission.
After 2 years of reading letters, I am constantly thrilled to learn about the many divine experiences that happen week in, week out through the ministering efforts of these young missionaries.
Their sincerity, their faith in Jesus Christ, their spiritual insights, their drive and determination is real.
The Lords’ hand is in the details of their work, every single day.
If you haven’t spoken with one of our young missionaries, then now is the time to reach out and listen.
Many of the messages in their letters to me are filled with miraculous experiences and wonders galore.
Yes – miracles happen in our day, every day.
If you allow them to, missionaries can help you slow down and see His hand in your life too.
You may not receive a weekly letter from them as I do, but the message they’ll share with you is equally as potent and powerful.
Go on, reach out to a missionary today and ask them to share a message with you… I know you won’t regret it! 🙂