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Its been a great week in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.
On Monday we held our last Mission Leadership Council (MLC) at the Mission Home in Leidschendam. There was lots of counselling together and discussions on our plans for our final full transfer, including setting some stretching goals for the mission!
On Wednesday we held our last Orientation meeting with our new arrivals in Gouda, followed by a Temple trip in Zoetermeer.
Then, on Thursday and Friday we were in Apeldoorn to complete our final coaching interviews with all of the missionaries in the Apeldoorn Zone. For some of our missionaries it was not only their first, but also (sadly) last interview with us, as we prepare for our own departure in a few weeks time.
Life as mission leaders may be unceasingly intense, but it is also a real joy and delight to work with some of the most incredible young people on planet earth! 😍