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“…to trick somebody into doing something, especially by being nice to them, using flattery.”

We visited a carpet weaving centre whilst in Türkiye last week. It was captivating.

The centuries old craft uses tools, threads, yarns, looms, and many different skills.

Using a double-knotting technique and a combination of many materials, Turkish carpets take months, even years to make, resulting in a stronger, higher-quality, longer lasting product.

And so it began…

Gathering in a huge room, we received a complimentary drink.

Our guide introduced us to a bamboozling variety of rug designs, colours, and qualities.

His assistants enthusiastically unfurled endless examples, in a dazzling display of salesmanship.

Occasionally, they’d twist their wrists rotating the rug 180 degrees whilst it unfurled mid-air. A mixture of light, texture, and quality of materials caused the colours and sheen of the carpet to magically change in front of our eyes.

There were a few “oohs” and “aahs” from the mesmerised audience!

We were encouraged to remove our shoes and socks to walk on and feel the difference in quality.

The enticing allure of being sucked into purchasing a rug was overpowering for a few, including us!

We’d always wanted a high-quality rug!

And so…

We succumbed, haggled and purchased a beautiful carpet that we both agreed upon.

Afterwards, we thought, “Had we been beguiled?”

I must confess that there is a degree of nervousness and risk in such a faraway transaction.

I hope all will be well, but only time will tell…

Perhaps you have been in a similar situation?

Reflecting upon the experience, I asked myself if I was without guile?

Then, my thoughts turned to someone I knew was without any guile, even Jesus Christ.

If we are without guile, we are honest, true, sincere, tender and genuine.

All week long, we’ve had the privilege to be in the presence of and rub shoulders with, one of His modern-day Apostles, Quentin L. Cook, someone who truly exemplified the virtue of being without guile.

I thought of another who followed the Saviour; “Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!” (John 1:47)

A study of Nathanael will reveal that he spoke from his heart, without guile.

Can we say of ourselves, as Jesus said of Nathanael, that we are without guile?

Without Guile

Recently we said farewell to Hannah Hammer and several other missionaries who departed for home.
I want to say a little today about Hannah, as she was our first missionary to arrive directly here (October 2021) and also serve her entire mission in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Serving a mission in a foreign land, learning a new language, and sharing your feelings about Jesus Christ, in a secular country where people don’t like to talk about religion, is not an easy thing to do.
If anyone tells you otherwise, believe me, they’re kidding.
Challenging missionary opportunities ensued for the next 18 months, as she served in Den Haag, Antwerp, and Apeldoorn.
In meeting with Hannah frequently, I knew her personal experiences have enriched the lives of many people and laid a firm foundation for her and all those she met, that she’ll treasure all of her life.
The words that Hannah spoke, always had a strong conviction of truth, and came from her heart.
Like her missionary peers, Hannah followed the example of Jesus Christ, daily.

She is a woman without guile.

How do I know that?
Evidence abounds everywhere, by the love that people have for her.

Without Guile

Joseph B. Wirthlin said; “A person without guile is a person of innocence, honest intent, and pure motives, whose life reflects the simple practice of conforming [their] daily actions to principles of integrity”.
To be without guile is to be pure in heart—an essential virtue of those who would be counted among true followers of Christ.
It was both humbling and refreshing to be with Hannah and it is likewise so, to be daily with all of her peers in the mission field.
Each of them, with their unique characteristics have strengthened my faith in the rising generation and give me great hope for the future.
According to the scriptures, Jesus Christ lived without guile and has commanded us to do the same.
Applying this teaching to ourselves, and it most certainly isn’t easy, means that we should always mean what we say, and always say what we mean, honestly and kindly.
Like all of us who serve around any missionary, saying goodbye is always a very difficult thing to do.


Tears are shed, hugs are given aplenty, and love abounds, evidenced in the picture.
I am so grateful for each and every single one of our missionaries (currently 115), who touch my heart, every single day.
If you allow them, they can touch your heart too with their message of hope.
As Jesus said of Nathanael, can we say of ourselves, that we are without guile?