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Is disconnection from Wi-Fi an annoyance in your home? It was in ours! “The Wi-Fi is down again” was often a topic of daily conversation.  Resetting the router became a regular household activity.

After some investigation, I discovered the router was over 10 years old – and was overdue for an upgrade. Eventually, I ordered up a new router, and during lockdown – being forced to slowdown – I took the time to set it up correctly. In turn that day, one by one – mobiles, laptops, a tablet, a smart speaker and televisions were all reconnected. Result – no more daily disconnects.

Similarly, these last few weeks, I have noticed something about my personal behaviour. Just like my faulty old router with its technical problems, over the years, I’d become disconnected from far too many of my colleagues, acquaintances and too many friends to even mention. Perhaps, with age too, I had become a little slower!

It was time for an upgrade! With a little focus, slowing down during lockdown has allowed me to speed up again, strengthen my signal and reconnect – one by one! It’s been great fun, lifting my spirits and catching up on a lot of personal news stories!

If you are feeling disconnected, in need of a lift, why not reconnect – go for that upgrade today!