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Every now and again, you get a pleasant little surprise. Yesterday was one of those days!
I walked into my local branch of Holland & Barrett to purchase some Omega 3 tablets. I found the Omega 3 fish oil, but had to call upon the shop assistant to point out the Omega 3 algae version. She was very helpful and I made my selection.
After scanning my tablets at the checkout, she said that’ll be £5.99. “Is that all?” I responded, “I’m very happy to pay that! The price on the shelf said £19.99!”
“You’re too honest” I hear you all say!!
Why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut?!
Anyway, the checkout assistant walked over again to check the price on the shelf and sure enough, it was £19.99.
…..Then the wonderful surprise.
She returned and said, well “There’s a mistake somewhere, but the price here at the checkout is £5.99, so £5.99 it is!”
Delighted, I cheerfully made my payment and walked out a very happy customer. 😀
Thank you Holland & Barrett, you made my day!
Have you had any pleasant surprises like this recently?

Out of your depth?

When was the last time you were “out of your depth?”

Out of your depth – “not having the knowledge, experience, or skills to deal with a particular subject or situation.”

This week, I have experienced major IT problems with my laptop. My own efforts to resolve the matter, just seemed to make it worse. I was out of my depth for sure! I had no idea what was going on with Outlook, and it was just going from bad to worse – causing me all kinds of frustrations and major communication issues.

There is never a good time for technology to fail.

So, I decided to go for a walk, got some fresh air realising that I needed some help.

I contacted Managed IT Experts. I love their strapline “We make technology work for your business” – that’s what I needed. Within minutes he was onto the problem, doing some IT wizardry, resolving the issue at hand and had me back up and running once again.

Lesson learned – sometimes its best to call in the experts when you are well out of your depth!

Thank you Sergio Andre