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Q. When does a draw feel like a victory?
A. When you are massive underdogs and filled with self-belief!
This was a different Scotland side that took to the pitch at Wembley, than the one at Hampden Park a few days earlier.
The stakes were high.
From the roar of the tartan army filling the streets of London, to the passionate rendition of The Flower of Scotland, from the outset, it was clear that each member of the team were ready to leave everything they had on the pitch.
Massive underdogs, they approached the game with gritty determination and self belief.
Self-belief is that positive feeling you have deep inside that you are capable of anything. Last night there was oodles of that on show from every member of the Scotland team. They were by far the better team on the pitch, running themselves into the ground and so nearly won!
It is empowering, it fills you with confidence and as each of the team believed in themselves – anything was possible and the magic started to happen.
So it is with confidence and self-belief.
What can happen when you believe in yourself?


I’m usually always very confident, but on this occasion I was terrified!

Last week on our visit to Gouda, in the Netherlands, parking the car proved to be a terrifying experience. A few hours earlier, I’d picked up the rental car at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Whilst searching for a parking space, we could only find a few spots by the canal. There were no barriers on the actual canal to stop you from reversing into the water! I started manoeuvring the car into the parking space, my heart started to pound harder, then fear took over. In fact, it was terrifying. I realised parking this large car (which I’d barely driven) with its electronic handbrake – wasn’t easy. One wrong move – and we’d all be in the canal.

All I could see was the cliff edge of the canal! My imagination went into overdrive. Although I’d reversed into smaller spaces 1000’s of times before, the looming danger of the canal created additional terror. One by one family members said “Okay, I’m getting out”.

Then, our son Kyle came to the rescue. He got out and provided careful guidance, from different perspectives around the car. Little by little, bit by bit, he guided me into a safe position. With great relief, I stepped out, job done.

– Perspective & Focus
– Careful guidance by others
– Small Steps
– Little by little

All help to overcome fears!