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Love her or loathe her, the long-lasting legacy of the Oprah Effect is legendary. Oprah lives and breathes authenticity. For years, everything and everyone Oprah endorsed, was akin to the Midas touch. Let your imagination run riot with me for a moment by applying the Oprah effect to some of our global challenges.

Brexit – Boris Johnson, Michel Barnier, Nicola Sturgeon, Arlene Foster, Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage are all invited to meet Oprah. After some healthy debate, negotiation, hilarity and a potent mix of the Oprah magic – a resolution is miraculously agreed.

Trump – Political persuasions aside; opposites attract. Trump announces Oprah as his running mate for the next Presidential campaign – in utter disbelief the world is stunned! Maybe its Fake News – but no Oprah has received an answer to her prayer and the Oprah effect kicks into play.

North Korea – Kim Jong Un meets Oprah. Missiles cease, sanctions are removed, the world is a safer place.

In a whirlwind world tour, Oprah meets all the other G20 leaders – Climate Change, Pollution, Poverty, Terrorism, Corruption, Famine, Economics and every other global challenge is resolved.

Yes – it’s a stretch of the imagination – but isn’t it great to dream. Authentic leaders dream often of better days ahead. If that’s you, step up – the world needs you NOW!