Pens to the ready

What questions do you have for God?
– God – do you really exist?
– If you do, how can I feel closer to you?
– How can I learn truth in today’s confusing world?
– How can religion help me?
– Why are there so many churches?
– Why do I have so many challenges?
– How can the gospel help me overcome the challenges I face?
– How can I find peace in times of turmoil?
– How can I be happier?
– What am I doing that I need to stop doing?
– What am I not doing that I need to start doing?
– What is the purpose of life?
– How can I feel God’s peace and forgiveness, after I’ve made bad choices?
I know that the Lord Jesus Christ knows each of us personally.
And He wants to help you personally!
Consider these questions and all of your own ones too, then speak with a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ today.
You know them!
One of the thousands of missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
They’re the ones with the big smiles and nametags!
Don’t forget your pen and paper, they’ll have lots of answers to share!