Study Time

On Friday evening, we started our online winter devotionals.
Our first guest this year, was Brad Wilcox, counsellor in the Young Men General Presidency.
His theme: “𝑺𝒕𝒖𝒅𝒚 𝑻𝒊𝒎𝒆”
One of his opening remarks was “Why do you keep a journal?”
Quickly he retorted “Its cheaper than a counsellor!”
I laughed.
Since the age of 12, I’ve been an ardent advocate of writing journals daily and have used that remark several times myself!
It is a truism!
“Use your journal as a tool to help make your life” Brad said.
Oftentimes journals can read like “the diary of a fish” going round and round again, as you repetitively record daily events, meals, travel, incidents etc.
He encouraged us all to go deeper, to record personal stories, share your testimony, insert uplifting quotes, pictures and take your journal everywhere as if it was your personal scripture.


Journals are a source of inspiration.
Quoting from memory Mosiah 3:19 in the Book of Mormon (the most oft referenced verse in General Conference), in an interactive way he encouraged us to “write about the lines, write between the lines and write beyond the lines.”
He passionately inspired us to write about this verse in our own words, our personal understanding, that will “wake you up during study time.”
“Writing is thinking made visible” he said.
Randomly, many on the call were invited to share parts of the verse in their own words.
The result?
We understood what the verse really meant, in a much more powerful and personal way.
His words: “For the prideful and unrepentant man makes himself an enemy to God, but God is not his enemy, God is his best friend.”
We slowed down and learned together.
A feeling of love permeated our virtual room, sinking deeply into our souls.
The whole evening was like manna from heaven.
This was real joy and real love in action, manifesting itself before our privileged eyes.
Please, consider your journals, your study time and Mosiah 3:19.
In your own words, what does that verse mean to you?