Divine Passports

Travelling to a foreign land?
A passport verifies your identity and nationality.
If you don’t have your passport, then – you won’t get in!
On Friday we were at Schiphol (again).
We were eagerly awaiting 8 new missionaries.
6 of the missionaries arrived, then I received a message from Bentley Lorimer
“Hey, so I think I left my passport on the plane, me and Aliyah Oliveira will be out a little later than everyone else!”…
Then… “We are pretty sure they found it, and they are just taking us to get it.”
Time passed…
15 minutes became 60, then 90!
They’d gone to security, then back to the arrivals gate, then back to security and subsequently directed to lost & found.
Bentley’s anxiety levels reached record levels!

Lost and Found

Finally, lost & found said that Delta flight staff had located it and she needed to come and collect it.
Reunited with her passport, and her identity confirmed, she made it safely through security feeling ever so discombobulated!
We were delighted to eventually greet them both.
Passports are critical, allowing us to travel safely through countries.

The first passport

In the Old Testament, the book of Nehemiah records the first ever mentioned passport.
In Nehemiah 2:7 we read that he asked the king for letters to be able to pass through specific lands on his way to his destination.
Those letters were his traveling papers. Today, we’d call them a passport.
His true identity was confirmed by the seal of the Kings letters and travelled safely towards Judah, and home again.
In a like manner, an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ is just like a divine passport that confirms our true identity and nationality.
In Romans 8:16-17, we learn that we are the literal spirit offspring or children of God our Father.
You are indeed a child of God.
Divine passports are critical, allowing us all to travel safely through life and onwards into eternity.
For the next 18 months, Bentley’s mission is to help reduce others anxiety levels in Belgium and the Netherlands, by helping them find their divine passport and return safely home.
Look out for her – she’ll be passing your way sometime soon!