Rubbing Shoulders

Today, is Elder Douglas Glauser & Sister Marcia Glauser’s last full day in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.

Early tomorrow morning, they’ll catch a plane home.

As I thought about both of them, their service, and their impact upon all of us, a scripture from The Book of Mormon came readily to mind.

True disciples are rightly described as being “…steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works” – Mosiah 5:15

Definitions of these two words, shines additional light on who they really are.

Steadfast: devoted, faithful, resolute, dedicated, firm, loyal.

Immovable: fixed, secure, stable, anchored, unwavering.

Their period of service has provided a unique opportunity for all of us to become intimately acquainted with them.

Their “good works” are legendary.

For a season, many of us were regularly able to rub shoulders with both of them.

As a result:

  • We all stand a little taller.
  • We all feel a little better.
  • We all drew closer to Jesus Christ

Their quiet influence, gentle encouragement, powerful testimonies, and Christlike love and example inspired all of us to be and do better.

It was always a joyful privilege to be around them.

All of our lives have been touched for good, having been both edified and ennobled by the sweet blessings of our association with each of them.

Like Jesus Christ, “who went about doing good” (Acts 10:38), they followed His example perfectly, and subsequently influenced each of us to go and do likewise, “for God was with *them”.

Unquestionably, we shall miss them.

Perhaps we can all learn to speak a little sweeter with all the people we encounter today, and every day, as we honour them and the service they rendered, now and forevermore.

How can you do a little more good today?