Tiny Obstructions

On Saturday morning, Monic was sat in the car, ready to go.
Time was pressing to get to Groningen, a 2½ hour drive.
Despite several attempts the electronic automated garage doors, would not close.
Somehow – they’d jammed open.
Frustrated, I pressed the electronic remote several times. Nothing.
I moved bicycles and stuff from around the garage door. Nothing.
I removed the plug and reset the system. Nothing.
I tried that three times. Nothing.
I tried physical force. Silly. Nothing.
I called on Monic. She gave me some similar tips. Nothing.
I called the church Facilities Manager. He gave now familiar advice. Nothing.
Finally, he said, are the internal Infra-red readers clean. I cleaned them. Nothing.
The issue was escalating.
We needed to be in Groningen, but we were now late.
“Should I call and cancel?” – I thought.
Overhearing our frustrations, our neighbour Peter Van de Kamp, came to the rescue.
Immediately, he found the problem.
“It’s the branches, those little twigs” he said.
Those tiny twigs were obstructing the external infra-red readers.
I never knew they were even there!
Thank you, Peter (again)! 😊
Regularly he comes to our rescue!
It was a simple solution if you know how.
We made it to Groningen albeit, 10 minutes late.
Very few big problems, start as big problems.
In fact, most problems start small, tiny even.
Tiny, seemingly insignificant things, can create big problems.
Oftentimes, others can come to your rescue…
What tiny insignificant things might be causing problems in your life?