A Big Hug

There is nothing like a hug, to help someone feel loved.
In our mission, we embrace one another – often!
We’re huggers!
You can’t help but wrap your arms around someone without sending over just a wee bit of love.
Last week saw another transfer day.
Missionaries arrive and missionaries depart.
And in between there is a lot of hugging!
It’s a way to let the people we love, know how much they mean to us.
Arriving at the airport, being met with a big hug from a complete stranger can be a little overwhelming for some!
As you can see below, there are all different kinds of hugs…
The heart-to-heart hug, the side hug, the nervous hug, the friend hug, the bear hug, the polite hug, the tight hug, the quick hug, the comforting hug, the one-sided hug, the one-armed hug and many more…
We hug each other when we are excited, happy, sad, or perhaps when trying to comfort someone.
There are lots of benefits to hugging.
They help you feel happier.
They help to reduce anxiety and stress.
They help you feel that everything will be okay.
They strengthen our relationships.
In my opinion – we absolutely need hugs!
When someone embraces you, somehow the world just seems a little lighter.
If you are feeling just a little uncomfortable with hugging, then my advice – practice!
Whether you limit hugs, or you hug everyone you meet, please know that hugs are good for you.
And if you are arriving any time soon in the Belgium Netherlands Mission, be prepared to hug!
Go on, find someone today and give them a big hug…(with permission!)