Good Manners

Okay, maybe I’m a little old fashioned, old school even, but isn’t it just good manners to show a little respect and civility?


Thank you.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?

Let me help.

I’m sorry.

May I?

You are welcome.

Take my seat.

Let me share.

You go first.

After 5 days of travelling across the length and breadth of the UK- trains, planes and taxi’s, my huge lesson is this – I know we can be more respectful, more patient, more courteous, more civil and much more polite to one another.

In my journeying. the platinum rule sprung to mind – “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them, not as you would have them do unto you.”

Respect, being civil, good manners, all lift people up! Think what will happen in our homes, offices, classrooms, and society in general if we just treated others with more civility and respect. Think what will happen to our relationships, to our health and well-being. Yes, life is stressful and often uncivil, but we can change that – little by little – as we choose to embrace civility and remember our manners, lets make them in fashion again!

Remember, manners cost nothing.

Please consider how you can show more respect for someone today.

What will you do differently?