My experience is that what we do consistently – will truly shape our lives.

What makes the difference in our lives is not the speed or the rapidity with which we move, but the steady, deliberate progress we make. Developing the habit of consistency isn’t about obtaining quick results, rather, its about making incremental progress and improvements over an extended period of time. I believe the power is within each of us to create our own momentum. A few minutes set aside every day to focus on specific goals and develop regular habits, will help to keep you moving forward. Daily, my personal habit of journal writing helps to keep me on track by measuring progress towards my goals.

Consistency is not about senselessly repeating an action over and over again. It’s about learning, growing and adapting your actions that lead to cumulative improvements over an extended period of time. Consistently choose to do the best with the talent you have.

Building strong consistent daily actions creates consistent results. Building a business, paying off the mortgage, getting an education or to accomplish anything great, requires consistent, deliberate, steady effort to make progress. Consistency is the difference between failure and success.

What are you consistent in?