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Senior Missionaries

Yesterday we had the most wonderful time with our senior missionaries.
We walked, talked, visited a windmill, had a quiz on Scotland and the Netherlands and enjoyed a wonderful meal together.
It was a fun P-day.

Mission Field

Many years ago, “President Spencer W. Kimball encouraged those who had reared their families to sell their camper vans, leave their grandchildren behind, and, for a year or two, give their lives to the service of the Saviour Jesus Christ in the mission field.” – Douglas J. Martin.
Whenever we meet and talk with our senior missionaries, we are filled with love and respect for their humility and desire to serve.
Our seniors are not expected to work at the same pace or follow the schedule of the younger missionaries.
All of our seniors who serve in the Belgium Netherlands Mission are rich in Church experience and anxious to serve in a spirit of high adventure and sacrifice.
We simply love them!
Just like us, all of our seniors are finding new purpose and fulfilment in their lives, and they are some of the very happiest people I know.

Gospel Service

L. Tom Perry said “Now, to all you great couples who are hearing my voice today, I want you to listen especially to these words. Life has been hard. I know that. You have worked diligently for the security you now enjoy. You have struggled, reared a family, and saved something to have and to enjoy during this golden period of your life. But just sitting around will not give you what you really desire. Climax these golden years with the soul-satisfying experience of full-time gospel service. I hear you stand and bear your testimonies, acknowledging your love for your companion and for the gospel. If that is really true, you will be like Andrew or Alma — not content until you have shared the fulfilment you have found in the gospel of Jesus Christ in missionary service.”
More recently, President Russell M. Nelson has encouraged seniors to “get on their knees and ask Heavenly Father if the time is right for them to serve a mission.”
On Sunday, June 9, from 18:00 to 19:30 CEST, the Europe Central Area Presidency will hold a special Area-wide online devotional for all members married or single aged 50 and over.
At the devotional members will learn about various mission opportunities, length of service flexibility, significant financial assistance available to all senior missionaries, and how to apply for missionary service.
Don’t miss it!
Is it time to sell your camper van?