“How do I improve my self-awareness?” asked a course delegate. Candidly, I responded, there are many ways, but I know for certain that a personal journal is my absolute favourite. It can be a powerful tool for self-evaluation and self-improvement. Simply stated, we can examine our lives as we come to know ourselves through our journal entries.

I received my first journal on Christmas day,1977.

Forty two years of daily journal entries later, capturing many experiences along the way, I know they have helped to establish stretching goals and to analyse my own personal circumstances. The result is a keener sense of self-awareness.  Seen over a period of years, recorded day by day and page by page provides an exclusive personal intimate pattern of your life. My journal is in fact my autobiography, my personal legacy, so I need to keep it carefully.

Journals help you reflect on and overcome challenges. They act as a meaningful compass to guide you through difficult situations. Journals are a potent self awareness tool!

The best day to start a journal was yesterday – then next best is today! 

Why not start one now – you will never regret it!


“What can I do whilst I’m waiting?”- The thought passed through my mind several times yesterday.

I waited in Starbucks for a hot chocolate. I waited on the train to arrive. 90 minutes later, I waited on another train to depart. I waited on Cristi for an appointment in the bank. Later still, I waited in the queue for cinema tickets with other family members.

What do you do when waiting? How do you use that precious gift of time?

Waiting can be frustrating for many! Here is one view on waiting – “to allow time to go by, especially while staying in one place without doing very much, until someone comes, until something that you are expecting happens or until you can do something.”

Even when we have the right perspective, waiting can be hard. We’ll always be waiting for something. But a season of waiting doesn’t mean sitting still. Conversely our waiting seasons can be a time of great productivity!

Our thoughts are our seeds of action. Someone once said that life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. When you have a time to hand, rather than just waste it – be more productive.

Why not:
– Breathe & enjoy the gift of time
– Keep your eyes open for humour in the present, you can always find something to smile at!
– Pick someone and start a conversation

What can you do to use the gift of waiting?


How do you measure up to your shortcomings?

At every stage of our lives we can struggle to overcome our weaknesses and shortcomings. This week, I have been in several learning workshops and coaching sessions where the topic of emotional intelligence, specifically self-awareness has been to the fore. Embarking upon a personal, searching inventory of yourself – is always revealing.

It is not an easy thing to uncover a personal weakness or shortcoming. Some people can feel defeated by their personal weaknesses and give way to despair. Others will endeavour to hide, ignore, or compensate for their shortcomings because of pain, embarrassment or their pride simply gets in the way and they procrastinate any actions that need to be taken.

Do you recognise that you have a challenge?

Are you determined to overcome it?

Once we recognise a shortcoming, we need strong determination and substantial effort to overcome it. This challenging process – facing up to our shortcomings – will refine our character and subsequently our weaknesses can become strengths. Facing shortcomings and taking action is acquired in humility.

Look ahead. Don’t let your past shortcomings limit your future potential. Take action.

What will you act upon today?