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All In

All In
This weekend marks a significant date in our calendar.
We arrived in the Netherlands 18 months ago, and it means we are now halfway through our missionary service.
Half-way, already…!
Reflecting this morning, I thought about the term half-way.
Half-way: “at or to a point midway between two others.”
It suggests to my mind its time to take a break.
However – it’s a term that sits a little uncomfortably with me.
We’re not quite ready for a break as yet.
We’re not lukewarm about our assignment.
We’re not partially committed about our time here.
We’re not complacent about the things we do.
We don’t hold back.
Neither Monic, nor I do things by half.
Rather – we’re 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐢𝐧.
Recently, we enjoyed listening to a podcast entitled “What does it mean to you to be all in the gospel of Jesus Christ?”
One of my immediate thoughts was about my father.
Today was his birthday.
Had he been still alive, he’d have been 95.
He so longed to reach 100.
Dad was a great example of being “all in” to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
His life of selfless service was a powerful personal testimony of that fact.
Dad died loving the gospel and tried to live it to the very end of his days on earth.
“Giant Jacky” as he was affectionately known, may have been small in physical in stature, but huge in spiritual strength.
Like my dad was and as my mum still is – we are all in.
Who is a great example of being “all-in?”
What does it mean to be “all-in?”